Behind the Brand: Rayne Longboards

The crew over at Stoked Ride Shop just did a rad feature on the history of Rayne Longboards, including an interview with founder Graham Buksa. It offers some great insights into the philosophy of the brand and outlines how it became one of the most respected longboard brands in the world today. 

"When you look at the progression of downhill longboarding in recent history, Rayne Longboards is bound to be a part of the conversation. Whether through the dozens of podiums that Founder, Graham Buksa, and his riders have summited or through technological breakthroughs including the creation of the first bamboo fiberglass downhill board, Rayne has become synonymous with quality, progression and authenticity. 

To find out bit more about his initial motivations, challenges to find the right materials and plans for the future, we got Buksa on the phone for the inside scoop."

Check out the rest of the interview over at Stoked!