Adrien Raza Season Open Edit 2017

Adrien is back at it! Opening up the 2017 skim season shredding hard with much more content to come from Adrien this year. Enjoy the video! Video made by: Max Weber

Aerial Test

Watch Drean Whitner enjoy perfect pavement from an aerial view. Drone work courtesy of Max Mospanyuk.

Event Coverage: Arirang Hill Fest 2017

We Landed in Korea 5 days before the event was due to start. Unknowing of how strict Korean rental car places are, we attempted to get one without an international license... This did not work.

69mm Cruisers with David Bubier

Follow David Bubier as he sets out to core a set of the 69mm 78a Cloud Ride Cruiser Wheels, keeping you up-to-date with his thoughts along the way!

Slusheez in Paradise

This is what Cloud Ride Slusheez were made for! Follow Mariano down this slidey run in in paradise.

Video: Andrea Pedrotti

Event Coverage: Keeping it High 2017

Upon arrival in the Philippines our crew was treated with the best hospitality by Carl and Jaime from the United Crew. They took care of everyone and a huge props needs to go to them!

20 Slides with the Mini Slides

Want to learn more about Cloud Ride Mini Slides? Well instead of telling you, we figured we'd just show you. Here's David Bubier with 20(ish) slides on the Mini Slides.

Spring Skating with Devon Klingenberg

After a broken collarbone and an extremely cold winter, Devon Klingenberg decided to head to North Carolina for warmer weather and better runs... only to catch a hairline fracture in his hand.

Welcome to Cloud Ride: Mariano Conti

We're stoked to officially announce Mariano Conti as an addition to the Cloud Ride team! We've shared some footy of Mariano before but now it's... official.

New Street Cruiser Wheels!

New 65mm Marbled Street Cruisers are out now. Perfect for a double kick cruiser or a skate everything setup, the Cloud Ride Street Cruisers are both versatile and undeniably fun.

HOKUS Film is now up!

New video from Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh called "HOKUS" is now up! Check out this great video putting a artistic twist on a normal Skim edit. Watch and Enjoy!

Brian Scott Adkins 2016

A look at the highlight moments of 2016for Brian Scott Adkins. The extended road trip led to the discovery of tons of new spots and killer times!


In the scheme of things downhill skating is both a very new aspect of skating and also as long as skateboards have existed daring individuals have bombed hills. It’s important to recognize our roots.

Joey Exton in Santa Barbara

Team rider Joey Exton recently went to California to escape the cold and skate fun mountain roads. Joey filmed a quick run down a classic road and had a blast doing it.